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Open mike with Ny Tid

On 14th March, following the Premiere of Corruption the Musical, there will be an Open Mike! Co-hosted by the editor of the Newspaper Ny Tid. The open mike will be after the performance. It would be an open debate…without “boring talking heads and pannelists”. We will hear personal stories of corruption. Everybody will receive the latest Ny Tid hot off the press!

Etter forestillingen Open Mic!
En åpen debatt…uten faglige føringer. Vi får høre noen personlige historier om korrupsjon.
Ny Tids redaktør, Truls Lie innleder.
Alle får siste Ny Tid rett ut fra trykkeriet!


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Corruption the musical

Everything you wanted to know about corruption but were too afraid to ask…

At the start of Corruption the Musical our detective is frustrated. He has seen a lot over the past 25 years and everything he finds ends up in someone´s drawer, gathering dust. Whatever he finds changes nothing. Then the detective stumbles across a case which, for him, has a cocktail of everything. A great detective and writer from the turn of the last century, a lavish musical, the scenographer who hated money but was proud of her secret roots to one of our 4 great national writers, money salted away in the Cayman islands and other dirty money centers, and the fighting over this money that started after she suddenly died.

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A day in the life of a young detective

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4 Performances - The red thread

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Short Film on Whistleblowers

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Who’s afraid of the red flags of fraud and corruption?

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