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Thank Heaven for September 11th?
(Kunstnerners Hus- Høstutstilingen September 2002)

…September 11th 2001..18:00 hours. Linz airport in Austria …I ring my colleague in Norway to tell him the good news………I had just found piles of very important evidence of fraud linking some European company directors to the criminal world…

My colleague tells me the news………he has been watching TV all afternoon
Him: «I kveld skal jeg holde et seminar om korrupsjon på Bærum Rotary Club…jeg er ikke motivert………jeg er i sjokk……… De kommer til å være i sjokk…”
Me: “But this is a great opportunity to get them to see the connection between the tools of the terrorist and fraud and corruption.”
An hotel, Vienna at 23.00. I wwitch on the TV: two American commentators against the backdrop of a cloud of grey dust.

It goes something like “Hey Bob – lets look at another shot of the second plane in slow motion…from another angle…here it comes…you can see the flames as it hits…”. (Slowly) Again and again and again. It reminds me of the superbowl………(one of these jerks with a microphone is almost always called “Bob”).

Bob makes theatre out of news….ikke sant? Talk of a war of revenge is followed by more tactical discussions between Bob and Jerk number 2………

Again and again and again………

commercial breaks…action replays…discussions…commercials…Doritos…

In my head I am hearing echoes of the arms dealer who said “The most beautiful sight I know is from the balcony of my Beirut hotel. As I sip my whisky and watch the night sky light up with fireworks and rockets, I KNOW I made money from supplying both sides”.
What’s the difference between a captain of Norwegian Industry and the Arms dealer? Answer: The type of whisky in the glass.

Over Evne III May

(2011 – Black Box Theatre, Oslo)

...For example, on September 10th 2001, I went to Austria, for a Norwegian company and this lady who worked there, smiled and showed me this room FULL of documents. It was like she was waiting to tell someone for years. There were all sorts of payments to accounts in taxhavens, you know “skatteparadis”,... places like the British Virgin Islands, the Caymans, Jersey, the Isle of Man...the was about 100 million of this stuff.

Funnily, everyone talks about terrorists and how they finance their operations through accounts like this. You know...I don’t think Mister Average Terrorist has a CLUE how to open or operate one of these accounts...but every smart businessman or lawyer does...
Anyway back to the story. On September 10th 2001, I found all this black money....100 million, bribes, slushfunds, paid to all sorts of rich, powerful and corrupt people...even the lovely Jurg Haider, leader of Austria’s Fremskrittspartiet, was amongst was probably the biggest find I ever made. I wanted people to see the truth. and what happens ...on September 11th 2001, a bigger, more sexy story comes along.

Ship O’Hoi (2012 Trøndelag Theatre )

By the mid 1990’s Norway had really grown up. We’d learnt WELL from the Americans and the British…and our own skurker… Now we could become masters of the oil universe … I really remember the excitement in those days of setting sail with the big boys…the old fashioned colonial oil companies with bad reputations like British Petroleum and Shell and Norway as the…well… pretty poster boys!
And it was not easy at first for Norway to get anywhere, because most places were already occupied, but for me it was as if the corruption party had just gone global!

You know…we performed Ship O’Hoi many time and recently in Oslo and on Wed 17th October, this well dressed…older…lady came up to me…clasped my hand and said “Veldig VELDIG bra…jeg er så glad for at du sa det som du sa om Angola…og Blokk 34…for det er SANT.”

She did not really look like an Oil Worker so I asked her who she was.She said she “I was Norway’s Ambassador to Angola between 1998 and 2002”.

So the Norwegian government KNEW

Corruption The Musical 2015

That black money I found on September 11th 2001 that nobody cared about…because they were too interested in some silly terrorists. It was Norwegian money – half of it at least…. But did they care? Not really – they only owed half of the company and they were going to sell it to the Austrians anyway. And then what do we find out later on…well we find evidence which indicates that the slush fund was not really theft but is money used to facilitate sales of high grade plastics to Iraq and Sadam Husein before the war in 2003? Our client went “thank you for your wonderful work…now please send us a bill and don’t contact us again”. Oh and I found more evidence later on but why dig up old dirt…someone may get hurt.

Dad…I don’t want to be an accountant. I don’t want to be a detective. I just want to…..SING, SING SING!.

Footnote: Now what did Sadam do with his Scud missiles 1990? And which Austrian politician (may he rest in peace) declared that the holocaust did not exist?

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